At Marsh Haven Farm, we believe horse mares are the key to producing the type, temperament, stride and movement we are looking for on a smaller scale. This is a riskier philosophy, as many of our offspring run the risk of going overheight, in contrast to the usual practice of breeding pony mares to horse stallions.

Additionally, by using horse mares, our foals do not have to be weaned as early to prevent them from imprinting movement and temperament from their pony dams, thus providing them with a stronger early socialization foundation.

The best of our female offspring are retained for 2 or 3 foals before being offered for sale. All of our ponies learn to drive in their two year old year, so are able to make lifelong companions after they have been outgrown in the show ring.

Our Caspian mares are bred only to Caspian stallions for stewardship reasons. But with the inclusion of Caspian lines we can offer top quality pony size horses for small, medium and large ponies divisions.

Marsh Haven Farm is one of several pony breeders that would like to see the creation of a "Canadian Riding Pony Association" within the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation and within the Canadian Pedigree Act. If you have interests or talents in this area, visit this group on Facebook

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