Friendly aka "El Cid"

Friendly was as much a member of the family as a pet. Through him we learned the true meaning of loyalty. His stoicism and heart caused us to keep him long after the last decision needed to be made. He will always be remembered fondly.

The following is the postscript for Friendly's Story, written as an entry for the 'Steak & Beans" Trailer Company's 2007 contest to win a horse trailer. The story didn't win, but it caused Donna to record the story of a remarkable partnership that transcended both space and time.

"The worst did come to pass when the coffin bones on both front feet rotated through the sole. Yet, Friendly in his eternal stoicism showed little pain. Greg opted for a "faint hope" last resort whereby Friendly underwent surgery for full hoof resections on both forefeet.

The surgery went well, but the recovery was a long painful process, including the development of a bone infection. But recover, he did. A 3 week examination showed the development of new laminae connected to a corrected coffin bone. We dared hope.

Sadly, Friendly ran out of aces when his amazing recovery required him to be re-shod two weeks ahead of schedule when the vet was out of town. There was no margin for error. He developed abcesses that quickly spread and destroyed the developing tissue connecting his soles to his coffin bones.

There was one more procedure we could have tried. The fact that he could trot soundly around the pen displaying his former self when he was blocked caused us to consider it. But, the hardest thing is knowing when to say goodbye. We had put him through enough.

Friendly was euthanized on July 25, 2007 with his best friend Greg at his side."

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