A Tribute To Horses Who Have Graced Our Lives

Paisley's Finest Hour ("Captain")

Congratulations to Danielle Feldman of Sherwood Park on her purchase of Captain. It was love at first sight for both of them. We look forward to seeing them in the ring, achieving their full potential.


Congratulations to Drogheda Farms on their acquisition of "Wynona" now renamed "Zena". Zena presented Brian and Renee a fine 2012 colt, "Swift" by Royal Illusion. Zena is an infusion of warmblood breeding in their pony breeding program. Wynona was a "money in the bank broodmare"; conceiving, carrying and foaling easily. We miss her terribly, but the goal of a breeding program is to continually upgrade; we have Zena's upgrade in the persona of "Fiona" out of "Wynona" by Royal Illusion". Marsh Haven Farm does a lot of reciprocal business with Drogheda Farms, so we have lots of opportunity to visit with her.

On a sidenote, we finally figured out who the unknown warmblood known as "Fritz" was in her pedigree. He was a Rhinelander, registered as "Nurmi", who was actually the first horse I purchased upon getting back into horses in 1992. An out of the blue memory came to me of Wayne Staut taking me to see the horse, saying "They call him Fritz". One look at Wynona and the grandsire stamp was evident. The other unknown piece of pedigree was Morgan, so a lot was explained regarding her size and temperament.

Taylor II

Taylor suffered from acute angular limb deformity in her forelegs, a result of her upbringing; we bought her anyway, taking a chance she wouldn't pass it on to her offspring. She was closely related to our son's showjumper "Friendly". Unfortunately she was kicked in the knee, breaking it 3 years ago. She has been unable to conceive or carry a foal since that time, despite being relatively comfortable. However, the fall and winter of 2012 are taking their toll and a hard decision was made to have her euthanized. Taylor was donated to Equine Remedial Therapy (Shantel Perreal) and Dr. Angel Roberts for a necropsy to further the study of pain on internal organs.

Motherhood didn't come easily to Taylor and she just got it figured out, about the time Cover Girl was weaned. She more than made up for her lack of skills being a model mother to Razzmatazz, who remained her constant friend until she met her end. We will remember Taylor through "Razzy"

Marsh Haven Electra

Congratulations to Maren and Linda Rheinbold on the purchase of "Carmen" Electra. Carmen has been renamed Valkyrie and will become an embryo recipient this spring, and then probably carry her own foal, before beginning her show career. This filly had a great start and is showing tremendous aptitude; we look forward to following her future career in the show ring.

Lacey Go

Lacy has been renamed Sophie; a softer more fitting name for a truly all around mare. Congratulations to her new owner, Shannon Karczmarczyk. Sophie will be undergo further training and some showing under daughter Allie, while becoming a first horse for mom Shannon.

M3 Soleil

Upon discovering her history, we have decided to retain M3 Soleil as a broodmare, despite our focus on ponies. "Sunny" is of "Einseidler" bloodlines and type. The monks of the Abbey in Einseideln have been breeding (and continue to breed) the same type of horse with consistent identifying features of strong neck, strong body, powerful hindquarters, long hard legs, and good feet since the 10th century. They were in high demand across Medieval Europe as "Destriers", the great warhorses ridden into battle by knights. "Sunny" is very prototypical of the breed standard, being under 16:2 and chestnut. Some bad breeding decisions in the 18th century caused a renewal of the stud book to bring back the horse of old. Even today, not all Swiss Warmbloods meet the breed standard and type for the Einseidler, although they are sometimes referred to as the Swiss Half Bred. Nevertheless, the horses were highly valued as cavalry horses until mechanization brought about the demise of mounted warriors.

Aside from her heritage, she is the best Alpha mare a breeder could want and consistently gives us good young prospects.

Soleil is starting her new career as a riding horse with Marianne Sadoway.

Kristull Goldmine

Congratulations to Diane Pedersen of Ardrossan on her purchase of Goldmine. Diane has lately started introductory sessions for people wanting to get involved with horses. We know Goldmine will be a star.

Photos by Julie Laverdiere

Shepton’s Tamara

Tamara was one of our first Caspians and dam of Just Joey. She has gone to the wonderful home of Gigi Robsomen and family in Daysland, where she is thriving and sucking up all the attention she gets. We look forward to seeing her at driving events.

KVS Amore

"Amy" was our first young horse and the true start of our breeding program, as we acquired her from Koppe Veterinary Services as a yearling. Through her we learned alot about the handling (and mishandling) of young horses. We have retained both of her offspring, Amelia Bedelia and Carmen, for our breeding program, until they are ready to move onto future homes. "Amy" was sold at the 2010 Fall Classic Canadian Warmblood Sale to Trish Mrakawa of Willow Grove Stables in Dewinton. We look forward to seeing her in the show ring.

Cover Girl

Cover Girl has star quality written all over her. She is by Watch out of our Novalis mare Taylor. With Baloubet du Rouet, Indoctro, Jus de Pomme, G Ramiro Z and Turn To in her pedigree, she is destined for great things. She was sold to …. At the Canadian Warmblood Fall Classic Auction 2009. She has since been sold to ….. and will be in training at VandenBosch Farms for her three year old. We look forward to watching this quality filly’s future.


Dharma is out of M3 Soleil by Justice PR. Despite the old fashioned bloodlines, Dharma has the refinement and elegance of a modern warmblood. She is a sensitive, willing to please filly and will make a great amateur horse. We were delighted that she sold to …. At the 2009 Canadian Warmblood Sale. …. Is a student of Cobe Vandenbosch. We also look forward to this sweetheart in the showing.

Kristull Talib

Licensed Caspian Stallion (Caspian Horse Society of the Americas')

Talib has outstanding pedigree, containing most of the foundation lines, as well of some of the most popular modern lines. He has a lovely kind, soft eye, as well as elegance and animation in his movement. He embodies the docility and athletic ability Caspian horses are noted for.

At 11.3hh, he is in the middle of the breed standard of 10-12hh. His smaller stature makes him the perfect choice for cross breeding with Warmblood or Thoroughbred mares for a quality horse of pony size suited for children with ambitions for the show ring.

Talib has been traded to Brent and Gracie Seufert of Canadian Performance Caspians of Cremona for Kristull Goldmine.


No tribute to former friends would be complete without "Phil".

Phillip came into our lives just as we were moving onto the farm. Our close friend Michelle was moving off of hers. While Friendly was boarded there, Phillip came from across the road, jumped the fence and entrenched himself with the outdoor horses. He and Friendly struck up a friendship. A year went by when Michelle received a phone call from her neighbor saying if she wanted to keep that llama she had to pay him $1200. Michelle promptly replied, that he hadn't retrieved it and therefore owed her $1500 board, if he wanted it back.

We took a lot of stuff from Michelle's to help us get started, Phillip included. Our first experience with llama wrangling was the 2 hours it took to catch him and the next one to get him on the trailer. As we were pulling out, Michelle said we needed to get him clipped as he really suffered each summer. Thirty phone calls later, I found someone that was willing to clip him, if he was tame and halter broke, then proceeded to tell me what to do. We were pretty sure he had some halter work, as he bore scars where someone had left a halter on him too long. The "tame" was not so easy; we put Phillip in an 8x8 enclosure and I worked with him twice a day. Every day, twice a day, for the next two weeks, I got kicked, spit on, bitten, and struck at. At the time, I was on stress leave from teaching. The year before, I had taught a child by the same name, with the same beautiful brown eyes who had Asperger's Syndrome. I had been kicked, spit on, bitten and struck at by him, too.

Well, we got Phillip clipped, but not before he broke the portable stocks the llama people had brought with them. They reckoned he was well into his teens and bore signs of previous neglect and abuse. Future clippings involved Greg wrestling with him and us shouting at him to swallow his spit.

Phil enjoyed the last few years of his life. He was a rather dignified old man, who became the brunt of several bright ideas, like llama rides at Christmas. He would put up with whatever we put to him with disdain, looking down his long nose in disgust and then reluctant acceptance. He ruled the roost and went wherever he liked until he started chowing down on my brand new cotoneaster hedge. We remember Phillip everyday, as he graces our computer as our screen saver.

MH Bebop

MH Bebop was our first foal and we reached new heights on the learning curve. For that reason alone he will always be special.We named him for a style of jazz that has no limits and breaks the rules.
By Sandstorm out of M3 Soliel he was sold in 2007 as a yearling. Photo by Gisela

MH Chaucer

MH Chaucer was from our second foaling year. By Eastern Ruler, he came as a 2 in 1 package when we bought Wynona. His indomitable personality reminded us of the character "Chaucer" from "A Knight's Tale". He was sold to Las Suenos Equestrian Centre as a weanling in 2007.

Photo by Gisela

Rocky Top II

We bought Rocky, a Trakhener- Quarter Horse cross, as a broodmare, supposedly in foal. She turned out open, but we have never had such a versatile horse. She could do it all. Whether you wanted to take a night to go penning, or take a jumper clinic, she was the horse of choice. We could safely put absolute beginners on her, yet, she was the horse of choice when Greg visited the farm. In hindsight, she probably lost her foal due the rare neurotic condition that ultimately caused her death; cauda equina.

Friendly aka "El Cid"

To read Friendly's Story and view more pictures click here.

Friendly was as much a member of the family as a pet. Through him we learned the true meaning of loyalty. His stoicism and heart caused us to keep him long after the last decision needed to be made. He will always be remembered fondly. Here is Friendly in semi retirement on the farm.

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