Both school teachers, Glen and Donna have been married for over 30 years, Donna has had a life long love affair with horses. Beginning at age 13 under a German Riding Master, Donna learned two basic principles that have guided her horse life. The first being riding is 30% practice, 30% study & observation, 30% talent and 10% opportunity. The second is that not everyone in the horse business can be the rider; find what you do best and pursue that with passion. Donna learned early her areas of strength were in grooming, stable management and horse health.

In the early 1980's, Donna worked as a cook for a residential 3 Day Event riding camp in exchange for lessons. Well ahead of its time, the program focused on animal communication, as well as natural and holistic horsekeeping.

By this time, Glen felt if he wanted to see more of Donna, he needed to learn to ride. Glen had the natural talent and athletic ability that Donna lacked. Glen competed at Horse Trials and in the jumper ring to 3'9" while Donna was pregnant with their first son, Greg, until the birth of their second son, Mark 3 years later, with Donna managing the horse's program. Their oldest son, Greg, was almost born in the saddle.

Then came a hiatus in their horse lives. When Donna finished her Master's Degrees, she planned on taking lessons, buying a nice hunter and going "Evergreen Hunter" forever. When Greg, aged 8, accompanied his mother to lessons, he expressed an interest in riding. It didn't take long for Donna to realize that Greg had a rare communicative sensitivity for horses, as well as an inherited passion, talent, and athletic ability.

Greg's 11 year show career on the Western Canadian "A" circuit took him from ponies right up to the 4'6" Amateurs, with mom making sure he got the practice and training, while she continued to study and provide opportunities for him. With support from his parents and coaches, Greg did what few other juniors or amateurs have done, he took his own green 4 year old Thoroughbred from Green Hunter to low open level, with coaching only.

After Greg left riding to pursue a life outside of horses, and their second son, Mark, left home for college, Glen and Donna looked to fill their "empty nest". The fates aligned to help them acquire 40 acres in an incredible location. It didn't take long for their '70's childhoods to re-emerge; stewardship and sustainability became important bywords.

Upon investigating The Environmental Farm Plan Company, they realized some of the federal stewardship grants would not only help re-build the farm, but would enable them to build a first class, prototypical facility using mostly recycled materials. Additionally, some of the ideas formed over the years of observing horses, seeing various management strategies and learning bloodlines could be put into practise.

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